• Refund will not be issued for an item, but will be replaced.
  • Refunds will not be issued for physical damages of the item.
  • If a damage has been occurred during the transportation , you should inform us within 24 hours to make it replaced.
  • If warranty is available for your item you can claim warranty when the item is not functioning properly .
  • Warranty will not be issued for physical damages.
  • It will cost 7 business days to replace, refund or receive the item.
  • Physical damages means , the damages occurred due to fire, pressure, when something has fallen on it. If it is an electronic item, physical damages means which can be occurred due to shortages, high voltage , high amperage and damages due to lightening.
  • You should pay the shipping cost when your item is replaced.
  • Your damaged item should be sent to our address for the replacement . When it received us, you will receive the replaced item within 7 days.

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