About Our Online Store

Who we are

We are a electronic apparatus and hardware selling and electrical equipments manufacturing company.Our main objective is to provide technical tools that needed for your day today life and devices that would be helpful for your special projects/plans. We are expanding our company nowadays so that we can give you a efficient and quality service in supplying electronic equipments and hardwares.

Our Goal

Manufacturing electronic devices and harware required for Sri Lankan market and providing an international market for devices made in Sri Lanka and for new innovations of Sri Lankan inventors.

Developed by Marzbin @ 2020

What can we do for you?

Actually we want to help you with your technology and hardware needs . So you are able to buy the items which are in stock and it will be delivered to you within 2 days. Other than that, if you want to buy items which are not in-stock at this moment ,you can pre order them. We will get it and deliver you within our best.


Fast Shipping

Guaranteed delivery within 2 Business days. Pay with cash on delivery!



We are providing and efficient 24 hour service for our customers and they can use the given telephone number to get information about our services, sales handling and for further clarifications via live chat support and whatsapp support.


Best Quality

We always bring latest and superior quality products with better technology that will fit for the modern life style and our customers can choose them with confidence and satisfaction.